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12 &13 February, 2022
Canvas Method Contemporary Atelier, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Discover the power of keeping it simple with colour! In this essential workshop, you will develop the technical skills to create landscape paintings with subtle colour harmonies, efficient brushwork, and solid composition. In working with two different limited palettes (Classical & Modern), you will hone your colour mixing skills, deepen your knowledge of colour theory, and add nuance to colour relationships.

Working in alla prima from a photo reference, you will create one painting each day exploring both limited palettes. This will result in two paintings identical in subject but vastly different in colour and feel! This is an excellent way to practice seeing and mixing colour according to value and colour temperature, and to begin to understand the practical benefits of a limited palette to support the story of your painting.

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"I will definitely take another workshop from Maria. Her skill and knowledge are exceptional. I loved taking the workshop via zoom. The workshop lasted 3 full days and started at 9 am. A bonus is that I did not have to get up till 7am the first day, and 8 am the other two days. Once I was set up to paint, it was easy - everything was within arms reach. We had a critique each day, and at the end of the course, we reviewed our progress overall. Amazing. Maria gave really good critiques. So glad I took the class."
-Dorothy D., Burnaby, BC

"Loved the online workshop! I had so much fun and learned so much!!
-Diane G., North Vancouver, BC